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Reviewing The Top Three Socks for Plantar Fasciitis


Similar to other body parts, the fascia tissue weakens over time leading to plantar fasciitis – a condition known to cause excruciating pain. The soft tissue that acts as a spring system gets stretched out of place and weakens if overused and when this happens, you only have one solution – investing in plantar fasciitis socks.

Generally speaking, these socks are designed to provide additional pressure along the comprehensive fascia ligament so as to relieve the feet from pain. That said, there is an infinite number of products in the niche and below, we take a look at the top three.

The Top Three Socks for Plantar Fasciitis

#1 NAK Fitness

NAK fitness is a popular brand by all standards and its plantar fasciitis socks just go to show why this is the case. These socks are designed from a stretchy, breathable fabric intended at enhancing comfort regardless of how long you wear them. To relieve your feet from the pain emanating from plantar fasciitis, they pack an innovative arch support system that stretches along the entire fascia ligament. In a nutshell, these socks are your safest bet if you are in the market for an effective plantar fasciitis treatment aid.

#2 ZaTech

ZaTech is renowned for manufacturing effective socks for plantar fasciitis. They are innovatively designed with specific compression areas intended at enhancing your blood circulation, relieving pain and more importantly, keeping inflammation at bay. The come with contoured right and left foot design, meaning you can be guaranteed of a snug fit to provide muscle stability and pain relief while at it.

#3 Thirty48

The best thing about socks for plantar fasciitis by Thirty48 is they adopt top-notch synthetic fabric for enhanced breathability and comfort. They are very effective at getting rid of inflammation and enhancing blood circulation for symptom relief of the condition. As is the case with most products in the niche, you get specific R and L socks, meaning they’ll fit right in perfectly.

Best Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks


We have a wide range of products besides the above and if you are in the market for the best socks for plantar fasciitis, it would certainly be in your best interest to check out our website or visit us for more info on how to get pain relief.

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